The Micah Mandate: What is Christian Witness?

Christians have often truncated the scope of Christian witness one way or the other, depending on the person or group about whom you are speaking. For example, sometimes witness is understood purely in terms of evangelism and missions. Other times, bearing witness for Christ is framed exclusively in terms of social action.

Instead, the church is at her best when she views and practices her witness as a both/and… not an either/or paradigm. It’s what George Grant called in his book by the same name, The Micah Mandate (a very, very important book in my life that did much to shape me).

Bearing a faithful witness for our King and his Kingdom involves introducing folks to our King and helping them come to know him in a meaningful, transforming, personal, and saving way. Yet it also involves representing our King in the midst of the lesser kingdoms of this world. He desires to rule and reign in every sphere of life and we must go out into the highways and byways to stand for… and even fight for… his mercy, justice, and peace, according to his way of doing things. Of course, all of this is to be done with great humility, and always in the context of loving our neighbors by serving them and sharing his truth with them.

At all times we are under his authority and are not at liberty to pursue our own agendas and preferences. This means we must dig into what his Word says. The Great Commandment, Great Commission, and Cultural Mandate all require loving, serving, and obeying our King for his glory and for the good of our neighbors. This is our Christian witness. It’s what I’ve elsewhere referred to as Kingdom Discipleship.

May God help us clarify our focus and strengthen our faithfulness as we seek to bear witness to our King and for his Kingdom.