It is my most deeply held conviction that Jesus Christ is Lord over every sphere of life. Therefore, I believe we flourish most when we are faithfully aligned with his will and are living according to the ways he has set before us in his Word. This, in essence, is what “discipleship for every sphere of life” is all about.
This life of discipleship begins through a “new birth” that is often characterized as a relationship with the living God through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ. Then, by the power of God’s Spirit working in and through us, we are able to become the person whom God has created, redeemed, and called us to be.
The result is a new life that joyfully obeys Christ, becomes like him from the inside out, and bears fruit for him in every sphere of life. Or, as Richard Baxter might have put it, it happens as we integrate “the unity of human life before the Lord.”

The Mission

This mission of The Baxter Institute is to provide resources for Christians that will serve them in advancing the Kingdom of God through worldview studies and cultural engagement.

Our History

The namesake of this website is Richard Baxter, whom you can learn more about here.

I have been a Methodist pastor since 1992, focusing primarily on teaching the Bible, spiritual formation, pastoral care, and ministry to men. Much of what I have learned as a Christian and a pastor has come through the life and ministry of Baxter.

I have had an online presence (via websites, blogs, and emails) since 1997. However, I started writing books in 2016 in hopes of edifying others and extending my pastoral reach. You can check out my online bookstore by clicking here.